Think outside the lines for smooth, natural-looking results that last. Dr. Melissa Hodge has a solution for your concerns, whether you want to smooth wrinkles and lines, lift and contour your cheek area, enhance your lips, or reduce the fullness under your chin.

Get natural, long-lasting results but still look like your beautiful self.


Injectables should not allow you to lose the ability to show expression. Dr. Melissa Hodge and staff are licensed and trained to deliver the natural results you desire while still looking like yourself.

Ageless MedSpa uses the #1 selling collection of fillers in the United States. Using only the best products ensures superior, natural results that last. All treatments are performed quickly in-office, with no down time.
In Office and Quick
All treatments are non-surgical and performed in-office, usually take 15 minutes or less, and require little or no down time.
Natural and Long-Lasting Results
Ageless Med Spa uses the best selling collection of fillers, ensuring the highest satisfaction among users for both natural and lasting results.